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  • Out of This World

  • Tessa Brinckman & Mitsuki Dazai

  • Thursday, January 30th, 2014 - Noon
  • Portland State University - Lincoln 75

  • 1825 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97201 — map


Horses Heads Were Towards Eternity - Yuji Takahashi (1988) – alto flute, koto

Pianist and avant-garde composer, Yuji Takahashi, studied stochastic music with Xenakis in the 1960s, later working as a composer/performer in electronic, orchestral, solo and pop settings. He collaborated with both the Asian and Western avantgarde, including John Zorn, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Musica Elettronica Viva, Ned Rothenberg, and Carl Stone. Takahashi sets Emily Dicksonson’s famous poem, "Because I Could Not Stop For Death", with a minimalist hand, leaving an element of improvisation to the performers.

Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me;
The carriage held but just ourselves
And Immortality.

We slowly drove, he knew no haste,
And I had put away

My labor, and my leisure too,

For his civility.

We passed the school, where children strove
At recess, in the ring;

We passed the fields of gazing grain,

We passed the setting sun.

Or rather, he passed us;

The dews grew quivering and chill,

For only gossamer my gown,

My tippet only tulle.

We paused before a house that seemed

A swelling of the ground;

The roof was scarcely visible,

The cornice but a mound.

Since then 'tis centuries, and yet each

Feels shorter than the day
I first surmised the horses' heads

Were toward eternity.

5+13=Prime Number (1983) - John Kaizan Neptune - flute & koto  

Virtuoso shakuhachi player and composer, John Kaizan Neptune, writes that “…this is the first duet that I wrote for koto and shakuhachi. Musical influences are from Japan, India, America (blues), and Africa. How did I come up with the title? I thought it was more interesting than "Duet For Koto and Shakuhachi Number 1".


Children’s Songs: #3, #4, #16 (1971) – Chick Corea - flute, bass koto

The famous American jazz fusionist aimed "to convey simplicity as beauty, as represented in the Spirit of a child". There are stylistic and structural parallels to the cycle, Mikrokosmos, by Bela Bartok. Corea dedicated it to Ron L. Hubbard, saying that, “…I no longer wanted to satisfy myself. I really want to connect with the world and make my music mean something to people.”

Kangen Hisho (1977)  - Ichiro Higo -  flute & koto 

Kangen hisho roughly translates as “returning to the origins”. The composer, Ichiro Higo, writes that Japan had very little purely instrumental music, most of it being vocal with occasional instrumental sections. But those instrumental sections are powerful music, and he has tapped into that cultural memory “which secretly flows through our veins” and written this work.


Umi Sajin (2013) – Tessa Brinckman/Mitsuki Dazai - flute/piccolo/alto flute, bass koto

We constructed this piece together via Skype and intuition in December 2012, and premiered it at the March Music Moderne Festival, Portland in 2013. Inspired by accounts of the Dust Bowl and the Great Garbage Patches in the Pacific Ocean, this piece expresses the ambivalence of our own survival in a self-destructive world.


  • Encounters: The Music of William Kraft

  • Thursday April 17th, 2014 - 7.30pm
  • Music Recital Hall, Southern Oregon University

William Kraft, one of the West Coast's best known composers, is composer-in-residence in April 2014 at Southern Oregon University. A concert will feature a wide variety of his work over the years, including the newly recorded "Encounters XVI" for flute and percussion, to be performed by Tessa Brinckman and Terry Longshore. 

The concert features the dynamic work of famed “American Impressionist” William Kraft. Kraft’s “Encounters” series pairs percussion with other instruments and the works are vehicles for exploring the dialogue, or in some cases duels, between two different instrumentalists. 

“William Kraft is one of the first composers to write for percussion as a true solo instrument. His pairing of percussion with other instruments, in the ‘Encounters,’ is paramount to our repertoire as percussionists,” states Longshore, director of percussion studies. Longshore will perform “Encounters XVI” with Tessa Brinckman, a piece composed for flute and percussion. Jon Janakes and Tyler Willoughby will perform “Encounters III Duel for Percussion and Trumpet.” Colin Malloy will perform “Encounters I: Soliloquy for percussion and tape.”

“Kraft’s music explores timbre and texture in a brilliant way,” Longshore continues, “and his knowledge of composing for percussion, being a percussionist himself, is second to none. It is a privilege to perform the works of this world-renown composer and an even greater honor to know that he will be in attendance.”

The concert includes solos by Ian McCarty performing “Requiescat: Let the Bells Mourn for Us for We Are Remiss for Fender Rhodes Electric Piano” and Jordan Levelle performing “Variations for King George for Timpani.” Bryan Jeffs and Jeffrey Kolega will perform “Kandinsky Variations” as a duo.

  • The White Snake

  • Goodman Theater

  • May 3 - June 8, 2014
  • Goodman Theater

  • 170 N Dearborn Street Chicago, IL 60601 — map
  • (312) 443-3800

Tony Award winner Mary Zimmerman brings an ancient and beloved Chinese fable to life in a dazzling new adaptation hailed as “strikingly beautiful” by National Public Radio.

  • Creticos Spring House Concert

  • The White Snake Ensemble

  • Monday May 26, 2014 - 6pm
  • Chicago

  • Oak Park, Chicago, IL — map
  • 773-383-6786
  • $25/couple donation; under 17 free

An intoxicating program from far-off continents and a few centuries, with Tessa Brinckman (flutes), Michael Palzewicz (cello) and Ronnie Malley (oud/pipa/guitar/percussion).

Light refreshments will be served. Doors open at 5 p.m. 
You are welcome to invite your friends!
RSVP for reservations and directions to Peter Creticos at - or the above phone number.

  • Mildred Hill Festival Concert

  • Brinckman and Rogers Flutes & Guitars

  • Saturday, July 19, 2014 - 7pm
  • Zion Lutheran Church

  • 20th & Washington, Port Orford, OR 97465 — map
  • 541-332-9002
  • $12/under 18 free

An eclectic evening of D'India, Quantz, Paradis, Takemitsu, Piazzolla, Corea, Jobim and Bonfa by the sea!

Tessa Brinckman and David Rogers present a brief introduction to their instruments and repertoire at Langlois Library at 2.30pm, and perform on flute/alto/traverso and archlute/classical/parlor/electric guitar at Zion Church later that evening.

  • Still Dog Star After All These Years

  • Jack Gabel Ensemble

  • Monday July 21st, 2014 - 11.30am-2pm
  • Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland

  • 503-233-0512
  • For more information: Jack Gabel

Jack Gabel’s free electroacoustic music concert (and Part 1 of his ongoing collaborative project with dance, video and musicians) is the featured music at the Pioneer Courthouse Square Farmers Market — perhaps the most modern art-music ever performed at a local farmers market.

Collaborators: choreographer, Agnieszka Laska; composer, Jackie T. Gabel; video artist, Takafumi Uehara.

Musicians: Tessa Brinckman (flute); Tom Bergeron (alto sax); Diane Chaplin (cello); Ian Kerr (percussion); Susan Smith (piano) and Jennifer Wright (pianist & composer on stripped down skeleton piano); Gabel executes electronics & directs audio, Uehara directs video — stage & studio.

Agnieszka Laska Dancers: Allie Fahsholz, Sharon Lane, Heidi Nelson, Lauren Richmond, Niqi Cavanaugh, Nicholas Petrich, Kentrel Wesson perform (stage & studio).

WIND AND THE RAIN for solo flute and electronic track - Tessa Brinckman, flute 

SKELETON PIANO - Jennifer Wright, piano

ELEGY for solo cello - Diane Chaplin, cello

SOUNDING THE FURIES for solo alto sax and electronic track - Tom Bergeron, alto saxophone 

LIGHTEN UP for solo flute and electronic track - Tessa Brinckman, flute/alto/piccolo/contrabass flutes

WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST DEMANDS IT for solo cello and electronic track - Diane Chaplin, cello

POOL for prepared piano, percussion and electronic track - Susan Smith, piano; Ian Kerr, percussion

STILL DOG STAR AFTER ALL THESE YEARS - group improvisation based on riffs from aforementioned works

  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show

  • The White Snake Ensemble

  • Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

The White Snake's beloved musical trio bring soulful music from all over the world - with Tessa Brinckman (flutes), Ronnie Malley (strings/percussion) and Michal Palzewicz (cello). More details to come...

  • The White Snake

  • Guthrie Theater

  • September 9th-October 19th, 2014
  • Guthrie Theater

  • 818 South 2nd Street Minneapolis, MN 55415 — map
  • 612.377.2224
  • For more information: Guthrie Theater

The White Snake wends its way through the mid-west to Minneapolis.

  • Wuzhen Theatre Festival 2014

  • The White Snake

  • November 6-9, 2014
  • Wuzhen Theatre Festival

  • Wuzhen, Tongxiang Zhejiang 314501 P.R. China — map
  • For more information: Wuzhen Theatre Festival 2014

The Goodman Theater is taking The White Snake show to China's Wuzhen Theatre Festival. This is a very exciting opportunity to present Mary Zimmerman's version of this Chinese tale to modern Chinese audiences!...more to come

  • Percussive Arts Society International Convention

  • Caballito Negro

  • November 20th, 2014 - 11am
  • Indiana Convention Center

  • Indianapolis, IN — map
  • For more information: PASIC

The Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) is the largest percussion event in the world featuring over 120 concerts, clinics, master classes, labs, workshops, panels and presentations.  Caballito Negro (Tessa Brinckman & Terry Longshore) will be performing Mark Applebaum's The Metaphysics of Notation alongside trumpet and percussion duo Lungta.

  • The White Snake

  • March 21st - April 26th, 2015
  • The Old Globe Theatre

  • Balboa Park, San Diego — map
  • (619) 23-GLOBE
  • For more information: The Old Globe Theatre

Mary Zimmerman's The White Snake visits the  West Coast again, this time in San Diego...more to come.