“A Shared Solitary” @ International Low Flutes Festival 2022

Tessa Brinckman presents A Shared Solitary (2020) by Niloufar Nourbakhsh, an arrangement for alto flute of the original version for violin and MAX patch.

A Shared Solitary was commissioned by the Library of Congress from the composer, during the pandemic.  Violinist Jannina Norpoth of PUBLIQuartet premiered the piece as part of the LoC’s Boccaccio Project. Electronics (MAX patch) accompany the violin, a combination of live and fixed processing.

Niloufar Nourbakhsh writes that “…over the course of the piece, a delay line becomes less and less distant as the texture becomes fuller, culminating into a collective sound. A Shared Solitary attempts to resurface the fact that we are all going through this together all over the world even though we might not be able to physically see it.”

The alto flute and MAX version was suggested and arranged by Tessa. Niloufar heard, and was entranced by, this new version, which still keeps the original fixed violin processing. It will be presented as a video at the Low Flutes and Electronics concert, at 10 AM CST, held remotely at the International Low Flutes Festival 2022.