“Building & Living With the (Un)Reliable Narrator” @ New Music Central, Christchurch, New Zealand

Flutist Tessa Brinckman leads a creative workshop at the University of Canterbury’s School of Music for composers and performers.

The hands-on workshop examines the intertwining roles of composer, performer, and audience, aided by the literary idea of an “(un)reliable narrator”. Participants create narrative through improvisation as a means to scoring, or for its own sake, and ways to embody any narrative with endless creativity. The results are evaluated from what has been built from composer, performer and audience perspectives.

For clarity about the address see: https://www.facebook.com/UCConcerts/videos/1562364243821110/

Location: New Music Central: University Of Canterbury School of Music Arts Centre of Christchurch 3 Hereford St - Entrance off the South Quad Christchurch 8013
021 567 169