Caballito Negro with Left Edge Percussion @ Natomas Charter School, Sacramento CA

Flute and percussion duo, Caballito Negro (with special guest Left Edge Percussion), presents Resist, a diverse concert program utilizing six flutes, a truckload of percussion, spoken word, film and images.

The program, Resist is a passionate interplay of contemporary chamber groove and creative narratives, defining the word’s meaning and freight from surprising sources.

American composer David P. Jones was inspired by the apartheid struggle to write Music For South Africa, drawing from traditional South African vocal and instrumental music, and the sounds of Johannesburg night-club jazz.

Emerging composer Jared Brown summons a spirit of resistance against systems of absolute, processed compositional control through his newest work, bound (2016), in its world premiere for flutes and percussion.

The Shady Lady & The Rebel Frog by Bryan Jeffs introduces the Shady Lady, (represented by solo piccolo), an alluring siren who leads the Rebel Frog (represented by the percussion ensemble) to his doom, in a reduction from the original version for 18 players.

Composer, sound-sculpture inventor and Stanford professor, Mark Applebaum, offers a wildly elaborate, pictographic score, The Metaphysics of Notation, interpreted on this tour with baroque flute, piccolo and electronic percussion. Also included on the Resist program is Applebaum’s Catfish, a funky odyssey of polyrhythms, metric modulations, and aleatoric juxtaposition for percussion trio/sextet.

This Is Like Jazz! by Ivan Trevino is a groove-heavy piece for contrabass flute, spoken word and marimba that mirrors Turkmen music’s rhythmic and metric complexity.

Tessa Brinckman and Terry Longshore have also recently composed That Which Colors The Soul, for hybrid flute, tabla, bottles, waterphone and electroacoustics, layering Hindustani traditions with Western inflections.

Caballito Negro, flutist Tessa Brinckman and percussionist Terry Longshore, perform intercultural work, in a fearless, ecstatic blend of modern and traditional aesthetics. Inspired by Federico García Lorca’s poem, Canción de Jinete (1860), the duo collaborates with many prominent, innovative artists, creating contemporary music that pushes the flute and percussion repertoire to new heights, and always in the spirit of duende. Left Edge Percussion is a contemporary percussion group in residence at the Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University. The members of the group, Greyson Boydstun, Jared Brown, Joseph Tierney, Drew Wright, and Kevin Younker have been featured at prestigious festivals, competitions, conferences, and workshops all around the globe.