“Gentle Numbers In Eternity” for Flute & Koto

Tessa Brinckman & Mitsuki Dazai come together for a repeat performance of this soulful and witty program, which is a celebration of American poetry and pan-contemporary music for flutes and koto, presented this time in Ashland OR by Mountain Meadows.

Gentle Numbers In Eternity is a found title (harvested from the music titles in this program), which suggests the eternal, vast mystery within the musical forms that we play, that are both highly structured and free.

The music incorporates, or is connected thematically to, the poetry of an exciting and diverse group of American poets. The music is by Jack Gabel, Ichiro Higo, Hiroshi Morikawa, Yugi Takahashi, Jim Franklin and John Neptune. The poetry is by Jack Gabel, Heid Erdrich, Nellie Wong, Emily Dickinson, Terrance Hayes & Carl Sandburg.