O Superwomen

I first saw Laurie Anderson and Barbara Kruger’s work in concert in the 1980s, as a young person in New Zealand. Anderson had her big hit O Superman. I had never heard of Barbara Kruger. But I was in love. Powerful women’s voices meant everything to me, in the cynical violence of apartheid, Reagan, nuclear […]

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Please, thanks

Over the holidays musician friends on Facebook played with ChatGPT’s Lego AI, generating hilarious representation of Western classical composers. My favorite is this one of Paul Hindemith, with enraged, screamy performers burning the candle presumably at both ends, and a French horn looking like a desk fan. You can feel this image multiple ways. Hindemith as […]

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The Colo(u)r of Things

We painted our 120 year old Edwardian hallway turquoise, a firm upward finger to the pandemic fashions of “neutral” grays and taupes. Our painter confessed he was initially horrified (only knowing clients who were nervous about ahistorical paint jobs), but that he ultimately loved it.  He found this color comforting and enlivening, a color that […]

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