Women in Parallel Empires (2021) – a 23 minute music and video experience, a critique of “Empire” and our place in it, in post-humous collaboration with Cécile Chaminade’s Sérénade aux Étoiles
Music created, performed and recorded by Jane Rigler and Tessa Brinckman
Video created by Jane Rigler, Tessa Brinckman, Clay Bowen
Video editing by Clay Bowen

Bare White Bones (2022) – a 12 minute haunting cine-poem based on the macabre Scottish ballad “The Twa Corbies,”. Our modern-day ecological crises are evoked through shadow puppetry, gorgeous landscape photography, and masked performance.
Music performed and recorded by flute/percussion duo Caballito Negro (Tessa Brinckman + Terry Longshore)
Music composed by Australian composer Wally Gunn.
Video created by Christopher Lucas

The Gorgon Cycles (2022) an 8 minute tragi-comic animation, a stratigraphic record of the rise and fall of the Anthropocene era.
A sock monkey, cat, fish, magician, dinosaur, snake, and robot evolve under the watchful eyes of Medusa in destructive, collective chaos. The Gorgon Cycles was scored in a 22 beat cycle for alto flute and electronica, combining rich 2D, 3D, procedural and compositing techniques.
Music composed and recorded by Tessa Brinckman
Animation created by Miles Inada and Devyn McConachie

Convergence (2020) – a book installation, that is in equal parts an family biography, scientific exposition, and abstract imagery contained within a touchable sculptural object. A cosmic waterscape highlighted by a recording of the artist’s mother speaking Miskitu
Music performed and recorded by Tessa Brinckman
Book installation created by Michelle A M Miller
Limited editions are available to order at IS ProjectsConvergence has been featured at the Coral Springs Museum of Art,  Editions/Artist Book Fair NY, and is now part of two public art collections, the University of Miami Special Collections. and the Jaffe Center for Book Arts.

Photo Credit for individual photos & video: Johnny Zhang

Box | Grown Men Sing (2019) – a 35 minute performance installation and meditation upon solitary confinement, and the prison-industrial complex as a historical blueprint embedded in every part of our culture
Bass flute + live processing, waterphone, fixed audio + video
Music created and performed by Tessa Brinckman
Voices of Jerry Elster, Danny Murillo and Steven Czifra

11th Species Counterpoint (2019) – an immersive work from field recordings and recorded dreams, during a Willows Nest Artist in Residence program in Berlin, contemplating the richness of nature, here in the Anthropocene and the Sixth Mass Extinction.
Flute + field recordings by Tessa Brinckman
Digital audio/video/electric piano by Renée T. Coulombe

Blazing World (2019) – A research project realized during a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. An experiment in digital cut-out animation , focusing on 17th Century philosopher and science writer, Margaret Cavendish.
Baroque flute + fixed audio composed and performed by Tessa Brinckman
Animation by Tessa Brinckman

Nocturne in Process (2019) – a collaborative performance installation and residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts

Phantom Canyon, Night Hunter + Edge of Alchemy (2018) – a live performance of original music by Caballito Negro, premiered at the Ashland Independent Film Festival 2019, composed for a trilogy of silent films by Stacey Steers
Flute, melodica, toy piano, bass flute, prepared piano by Tessa Brinckman
Hand percussion, waterphone, vibraphone, prepared piano by Terry Longshore
Films created by Stacey Steers

from Phantom Canyon for 4 hands prepared piano