Singles – Cinematic

Hüzün Nar: The Gorgon Cycles

Composed + performed by Tessa Brinckman – alto flute and fixed media
Soundtrack to the award-winning animation The Gorgon Cycles, co-directed by animators Miles Inada, Devyn McConachie and Tessa Brinckman
Recorded and mixed by Sean McCoy @ Oregon Sound Recording (2019)
Recording at BrokenWorks Productions, Ashland OR
Audio recording © 2023 Tessa Brinckman. All rights reserved
Animation “The Gorgon Cycles” © 2023 Tessa Brinckman, Miles Inada, Devyn McConachie. All rights reserved.
Cover art: Miles Inada
Images: Miles Inada + Devyn McConachie
Released April 7, 2023 on Bandcamp


“Below” music & video – for contrabass flute + soundscape
Available for purchase at
Video – Diana Lehr –
Composer – Alex Shapiro –
Contrabass flute + vocals – Tessa Brinckman –
Humpback whale song – unprocessed from original recordings
Electronic soundscape mixing and production – Alex Shapiro
Recording – BrokenWorks Productions, Ashland OR
Mixing of live + pre-recorded track – Sean McCoy, Oregon Sound Recordings
Released June 8, 2020 – World Oceans Day
© 2020 Tessa Brinckman, Diana Lehr, Alex Shapiro. All rights reserved.


That Which Colors The Soul

Composed and performed by Caballito Negro –
Available for purchase at
Tessa Brinckman – hybrid flute, bottles
Terry Longshore – tabla, Roland Handsonic, bottles, waterphone, bols
Backing track – Caballito Negro
Recording – BrokenWorks Productions, Ashland, Oregon
Mixing of live + pre-recorded track – Sean McCoy, Oregon Sound Recording
Released January 1, 2021
© ℗ 2021 Tessa Brinckman, Terry Longshore. All rights reserved.