Video – Inner Landscape – Music for the Owl House

South African film producer, Mark Wilby, produced this DVD in 2006 (Climax Films) about the artist Helen Martins, her Owl House, and how it inspired musical homages by composer/flutist Tessa Brinckman and composer D’Arcy Reynolds.

The DVD includes Tessa Brinckman’s composition Glass Sky (by Tessa Brinckman & East West Continuo) from the North Pacifc Music release Glass Sky. Cloven Dreams, originally commissioned by Tessa Brinckman from D’Arcy Reynolds for the album Glass Sky, is included here in a string quartet version, performed by Sontonga Quartet.

Inner Landscape has extraordinary footage of the Owl House’s sculptural art, located in the semi-arid Karoo desert. The intriguing story of Helen Martins is included in a seven-minute capsule chapter, essentially a preview of Wilby’s complete documentary story of Martins, This Is My World.

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