Stillness is a luxury right now – we’ve not had snow blankets here in NYC to help things along. Just bone-cold, a sense of weather holding out for the next drama, and a flurry of activity on my part. I’m making it simple for myself this journal entry – here are some images from the interactive video score, Your Coat, Turning that Jane Rigler and I have created and are premiering this month.

Your Coat, Turning is a series of surrealist moving images and text prompts, alongside an audio score. It’s a sonic/visual environment that allows participants to explore body, ancestry, land, change and future, an invitation to re-imagine.

Clay Bowen’s fluid video editing chops allowed us a playful invocation for people to play the objects they found in the envelopes we gave them
From a beach sculpture Jane Rigler and I made in Oregon 2021 – a few filters have created an Arctic landscape
Here we invoke the ancestors (note the wee faces) – it’s actually the ripples of a river
Hillscape against a dark sky. A combination of an MRI and a stream bed – in the video it pulses with the current
From our Oregon beach sculpture again – a portal, an oculum that lends us focus as we divine our futures.
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