A Balinese Witch Surprises the Monkey God in 100 degree heat and 90% humidity – Bali December 2009

Welcome to my new website. My old homepage is shown below as a favorite memento, and the tree features in mirror form on every page on this new website…

Many thanks to Susan Langenes & Fara Heath of Collage Creative, who patiently and expertly built the site with WordPress. They are superb collaborators and all-round human beings. Susan herself is a flutist and that made this process that much easier.

tessabrinckmanhomepage I still don’t have a “blog” (such an unattractive word) but I have created this journal to stay in touch. As such, I’ll be writing about ongoing projects, from their embryonic state to going forth and multiplying within in my concerts and outreach. And whatever else seems to matter at the time…

In honor of the Chattering Classes, I’ve joined Twitter, so feel free to shriek your comments to me, comme un oiseau fou.

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