A three part series: Low Flutes in the Time of Locusts

When times are rough, there’s not only anxiety and paralysis, but also an urge to regenerate how we live, think and feel. It’s a little bit like driving with the brakes on. In this three-part series of articles I’m offering ideas and sources for you to reframe your low flute playing, whether you are creating, curating, or just new to it all. Take your time to explore with zero pressure and maximum curiosity. If the idea of expanding your work makes you tense and tired (yes, because the world is cuckoo), just grab a pillow. Scream into it. You are now ready to begin.

PART 1 – Back to the Drawing Board
PART 2 – Recreating the Canon – Identity, Repertoire, Commissions and Curations 
PART 3 – Electrickery – Amplification, Sound Processing, and Recording