Full Fathom Five

I have felt the music of “Below” deeply within the pandemic and the uprisings these past months. I’ve been imagining summer, swimming in ice cold rivers, and walking along the Oregon coast. It’s predicted to be the hottest summer on record, which will be an additional stress to the ongoing struggles for human rights. Below […]

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Manners Can Be Fun

This summer (this year actually) is clean-up time. That means pushing forward old music projects to wear big-girl pants in the world, the first of which will be a release of a single in the late summer – details to come! It’s also going through piles of stuff, including some beloved childhood books. I came across one from my mother’s childhood, Manners Can Be Fun, by Munro Leaf, who wrote gems like Ferninand, and How to Behave and Why.

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When Words are Woggins

The US is both distant and omnipresent, as I write from Paris (from a poetry slam, pictured above) in last-minute preparation for my concert tomorrow. Immersed in words and music, I’m often lost for words, literally between French and English. They are like woggins, wending their way through various states of (non)recognition and (un)meaning. Losing […]

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